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"Two Girls Toffee is simply the best toffee I have ever tasted."
» Lauren W, (Medfield, MA)

"I love my Two Girls Toffee with my morning coffee, or with a nice glass of champagne! It's the un toffee toffee."
» Paula G. (Boston, MA)

"It just wouldn't be a special family occasion without Patrice's Two Girls Toffee."
» Karen D. (Boston, MA)

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About Our Name

Two Girls Toffee is named in honor of my "two daughters". Over the years I have made countless batches of toffee for them, their teachers, coaches, and school mates. They still get excited everytime I make a batch!

This Is Our Story

I used to work as a graphic designer. Then I had my first "girl" fifteen years ago and became a stay at home mom. It was during that time that my sister, a wonderful gourmet foodie, shared a family recipe with me that originated in Maine. It became such an instant hit with family and friends that I was even being asked to make it for my children's teachers. With everyone requesting some, it became my thing, my perfect "go to gift" for cheering up, to celebrate, to thank someone, or just to share with people. They say "timing is everything" so with encouragement and support from friends and family, especially my husband, I started Two Girls Toffee in Boston, Massachusetts in 2011.

" This toffee is so creamy and delicious! It's the perfect blend of buttery and chocolatey and has a smooth yet crunchy texture that simply melts in your mouth. "
» Nancy H. (Boston, MA)

Design Concept

It's all about the FUN packaging too! I want to pay special tribute to my dear friend Dan whose encouragement inspired me to share this wonderful toffee with our customers and whose logo design embodies the whimsical spirit of this company.

Community Involvement

Two Girls Toffee is a dedicated member of the West Roxbury Branch of Friends of Rosie's Place, a shelter for homeless women and children in Boston. Since I am in the business of making food, I feel it is important to give back to the community with a commitment of serving food to those who truly need it!